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Paint - Oil Based

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Paint - Oil Based

Bring to Tippecanoe County Solid Waste Management District Hazardous Product Collection Center. Oil paint will say "flammable, combustible, clean up with mineral spirits." It contains solvents and will be sent for fuels blending or hazardous waste incineration. If it is newer, it may end up on Tippecanoe County Solid Waste Management District's Reuse Shelf for others to utilize. If it is totally dried out you should put it out next to the regular trash, lid off for disposal.

This item is a hazardous product please transport riding upright in a box with the lid on tight. Visit the hazardous products page of our website to learn more.

Locations to Take "Paint - Oil Based"

Tippecanoe County Solid Waste Management District
Lafayette, IN 47904


M-F: 8am-4pm
Transfer Station
2770 North 9th Street
Lafayette, IN 47904


M,W,F: 7am to 4pm | T,TH 7am to 6pm | Sat 7am to 1pm

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