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Paint - Latex

Paint - Latex

Tippecanoe County Solid Waste Management District does NOT TAKE LATEX PAINT. (The only time they take it is for the reuse shelf, that's if you can show it is practically new, stored correctly and usable.) Dry it out as follows.

The label will say Latex, Acrylic, Soap & Water Cleanup. Pour cheap clay cat litter or oil dri in the paint can on a 1:1 ratio. It will dry in a day or two. Set out for regular trash with the LID OFF so workers can see it's dry.

Have full cans? Line a box with a trash bag and pour the litter or oil dri in and the paint on top to divide it for drying. Dry it and set out for the regular trash with the lid OFF so workers can see it is dry.

This item is not accepted.

Regular Trash

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