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What can be recycled at our local recycling programs?

Metal - Aluminum Cans & Steel Cans just rinse and remove the labels if possible.

Glass - Clear, Brown and Green Glass Containers that originally held a food or beverage (all other glass must go out with the trash, it contaminates the recycling process, don't recycle pyrex, leaded crystal, drinking glasses, window glass, mirrors or ceramics). Rinse clean, but you do not need to remove the labels.

Plastic Containers - Milk Jugs, Soda Bottles, Detergent Bottles, Water Bottles, Juice Bottles, Shampoo Bottles, Yogurt & Cottage Cheese Containers, Prescription Bottles (with labels removed) just about any plastic container that did not hold a hazardous waste. Motor oil and antifreeze containers need to go out with the regular trash. Just rinse out, and stomp on milk jugs and soda bottles to save space if you like. You do not need to remove the labels.

Paper - Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Mail, School Papers, Office Paper, Envelopes, Phone Books, Cardboard (break down boxes to save space) Cereal Boxes, Soft Cover Books. No wax paper.

Please click on Where to Recycle Your Paper, Cans and Bottles for a convenient location near you.

The cities of Lafayette 807-1411 and West Lafayette 775-5242 also have curbside recycling programs that accept these materials. Call them for more information.

You can also recycle scrap metal, motor oil, appliances, computers, prescription glasses, and over 100 other items at nearby locations. Please see the A-Z Recycling Guide to view them all, or search by specific item. The locations, hours and phone numbers will be included. Happy Recycling!