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Trash Disposal

City Curbside Trash Collection. If you live in the collection area of Lafayette 807-1410 or West Lafayette 775-5242 you pay taxes or fees to the city, and they pick up your trash. Call directly for more details on schedules and specific rules.

Private Curbside Trash Collection. If you live outside city limits, collection areas or in an apartment with more than four units, you or your landlord arrange collection with a private waste hauler for a fee. Please see the list of private waste haulers.

Drop Off Trash Collection. You can bring your own trash to the Best Way Transfer Station (765-742-7131) at 2770 N. 9th St. Rd. for $54 a ton with a $22.50 minimum. Their hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7am-4pm, Tuesday & Thursday 7am-6pm, and Saturday 7am-1pm. They also accept grass/leaves/brush for similar fees. You can bring your recycling here for free, including all types of paper, cardboard, boxboard, plastic bottles, tin and steel cans, and glass food & beverage containers. They also host the household hazardous materials drop-off where you can drop off small quantities of flammables, chemicals, batteries, lightbulbs, and other items that should not go in the trash.

How to Dispose Of Your Trash

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Solid Waste Management District provide pick-up services?

No, the we currently only have drop-off servies for households. Please contact a private trash hauler or a city street and sanitation department for pick up services.