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Water Quality

Published: November 18, 2010

Water - HeronTaking the steps outlined in this guide will protect water for people and wildlife. Thank you for taking the time. More ways to protect and improve resources entrusted to us are listed below. Keep up the good work. It matters.

Top Water Saving Actions.

Locating leaks, replacing pre-1992 toilets and showerheads, buying front loading washing machines and followings water saving irrigation practices and more are covered on this site. A water smart checklist helps pinpoint other actions for your home or business.

Backyard Ponds.

Details on building your own backyard pond of any size are listed on this site. Some are creating ponds with bogs that act as natural filters, and offer a space to grow interesting "wetland edge" plants.

Alternative Pest Control.

Least toxic pest control can help lessen pollution that runs off into our water. For fact sheets on natural lawn care, integrated pest management for home and school and IPM in the garden see this site. Registration required, but free.

Protect Drinking Water - Cap Wells.

Drilled abandoned wells must be professionally capped and registered - it's critical to keep groundwater safe to drink now and in the future. For this and other wellhead protection tips see this site. Contact your local Soil and Water District with questions.

Pump Out Your Septic Tank.

Your tank needs to be pumped out every five years, sooner if you have a small tank and lots of people at home. Your field functions better and lasts longer when incompletely treated waste does not leak into it. Get more information at Tippecanoe County Extension.

Tippecanoe County Soil & Water Conservation District.

474-9992 x 3. 1812 Troxel Drive, Suite C3. Offers educational programs, publications and cost share advice aimed at improving streams, groundwater and land resources.